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HP Elitebook 6930p

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When HP took over the Compaq line of laptop computers they had decided to make some changes that would make their new line of mobile units more desirable to the corporate world. The Compaq 6910p was well-known for its excellent business-friendly features and reliability, and when HP took over they wanted to create an elite line of business laptops that picked up where the 6910p left off. The HP Elitebook 6930p picks up where the 6910p left off, and then this newest model from HP takes the technology in a new direction and sets out to live up to its elite name.

The HP Elitebook 6930p is the next generation in business laptops, and when HP introduced the new line of mobile computers they knew that they would be forced to prove that the Elitebook line could live up to its name. Given the standard features of the HP Elitebook 6930p, it is safe to say that the Elitebook line is a contender to capture a large segment of the business computing market.

The first thing a person notices when they pick up the HP Elitebook 6930p is that it is durable but light. The aluminum alloy shell not only looks sleek and attractive, it also acts as a protective barrier for the HP Elitebook 6930p and prevents the damage that can occur in a regular day. A laptop in the possession of an business person on the go can sustain a few bumps and knocks during the day, but the hard shell of the HP Elitebook 6930p keeps the important components inside safe and operating as they should. The HP Elitebook 6930p has also been certified to pass military standards for toughness in a laptop computer.

The HP Elitebook 6930p offers a light 5-pound weight and a convenient 14-inch screen to help make it an effective portable business computer. The screen uses LED technology which means it can achieve resolutions of up to 1440×900, and the LED nature of the screen allows you to save battery time because of reduced energy draw. HP even goes the extra mile and includes a small light at the top of the screen of the HP Elitebook 6930p to help with typing those reports while on a dark train or airplane.

Some of the other features offered on the HP Elitebook 6930p help to make it the ultimate business laptop. It has three extra USB ports along with a Firewire port to assure that you can connect to any external storage media that you may come across. For added security it also comes with a fingerprint pad that allows you to make sure that only you can access your laptop. The mouse pad is accompanied by a mouse stick in the middle of the keyboard, so you have your choice as to how to move the cursor on your screen. It has an integrated media card reader to help you quickly download images and information from data storage cards, and it also comes complete with a built-in webcam that can help in teleconferencing while you are on the road.

With a durable scratch-resistant shell, a variety of critical business features, and the specifications needed to make it easily portable the HP Elitebook 6930p is truly the elite business laptop being offered on the market today.


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February 24, 2010 at 1:21 pm

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HP Pavilion dv6z series

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The HP Pavilion dv6z series is the newest notebook from HP. Let’s take a look at the HP Pavilion dv6z series to learn about the features if this device, the user friendly elements and what this offers to the consumer. Buying a notebook is a fairly big purchase and it is suggested to learn all you can about a product before making a decision. Therefore, let’s find out if the HP Pavilion dv6z series is going to be the popular notebook of 2009, if it offers what you are looking for and if this is the right choice for you.

The HP Pavilion dv6z series is a new 16 inch notebook from HP. Let’s first take a look at the specifications. This notebook has a 2.1 GHz AMD dual core processor and the operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bit. The screen offers you high definition and is sixteen inches in diagonal length. The memory of HP Pavilion dv6z series is 3GB DDR2 and can be configured to hold 8GB. This notebook has a Lightscribe SuperMulti 8X DVD-R-RW with double layer support optical drive. It has Bluetooth wireless communication and runs on a 6 cell Li-Ion battery. All of this comes packaged in a 14.9 by 10.2 inch size and is less than 2 inches in height. The HP Pavilion dv6z series only weighs a bit over six pounds; 6.36 to be exact. When purchased direct, you will have a one year warranty.

Design is just as important as power to the majority of notebook users. The HP Pavilion dv6z series has a very modern looking appearance. The display covers exhibits the Espresso Black imprint that many have come to love and is quite durable as it does not scratch easily. The actually body of the notebook is very smooth and the edges are round, a nice touch for anyone who has nicked themselves with a sharp notebook corner before. The construction of the HP Pavilion dv6z series makes it very easy to transport. A unique design allows a user to open the HP Pavilion dv6z series with just one hand, always a plus. If you have the dv6z, you will want to be aware that fingerprints show up fairly easily on the screen, however can easily be swiped away with a screen cloth.

There are palm rests that allow you to keep working with good support under your hands and this also cuts down on the pressure that would otherwise be put onto the notebook itself; therefore cutting down on wear and tear.

The screen display is just as important as any element. The 16” display is excellent in terms of overall viewing quality, and resolution is standard. With admirable color saturation and contrast levels , viewing is deemed to be rather good. The brightness of the screen works well indoors and if you are planning on using your HP Pavilion dv6z series, you may find it more comfortable on the eyes to be in at least partial shade.

The keyboard is of full size which includes the number pad. Like the screen, the keys may show fingerprints, but this is nothing that typical cleaning and maintenance cannot quickly resolve.

The owner of a HP Pavilion dv6z series will have a good number of port options on both sides of the notebook. There is an optical drive, two USB ports, security lock, power jack and room for an optional television tuner and modem.

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February 24, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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